Hal’s Beverage Debuts
Ginger Ale Line Extension

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Hal’s Beverage, the seltzer water brand that is distributed exclusively in the New York City metro area by powerhouse beverage supplier Big Geyser, has announced a ginger ale as its first product line extension.

Hal’s, named after company founder Irving Hershkowitz, father of Big Geyser President and CEO Lewis Hershkowitz, launched in 2014 as the distributor’s first venture into beverage manufacturing. The brand’s seven fruit-flavored SKUs are sold exclusively through the company’s distribution network in New York City and neighboring Nassau, Suffolk, Westchester and Putnam Counties.

Hal’s Ginger Ale will be sold in 20 oz. plastic bottles in two varieties: Original, which contains 21 grams of pure cane sugar per serving, and a zero-calorie Diet version, which is sweetened by sucralose. Big Geyser is pricing 24-pack cases of Hal’s Ginger Ale at $16.50 for retailers.

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